Imani K Brown


:: Hi yah! 始めまして!
Imani K. Brown, aka IKB, aka in.fa.mousiKB, aka Lil' Magic … also known around most places as Artistic Sole and momma to Indian Pussy, here!

I'm busy in the kitchen cooking up my brand - Indian Pussy Brand, that is!
With quite a long and busy resume, the recent highlights of IKB are that I have been tattooing for over 6 years and specialize in fine line detail. I have been featured in a few publications for my tattoo INKPLAY (Urban Ink Magzine) and custom sneaker art (DEFinition of Hip Hop, by Cey Adams & Girls Got Kicks, by Lori Lobenstein). Currently, while awaiting the release of Color Outside the Lines: A Documentary of Black Tattoo Artists that I'm featured in (by Miya Bailey & Artemus Jenkins), I'm plotting on the artistic installation of a lifetime as her solo exhibit, iPukeKAWAiI.

Until we meet … or meet again... always remember to paint everyday bright!


  • tattoo
  • murals
  • acrylic
  • DIY
  • installations
  • curating